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Nisko Electric Inc. was established in 2002 and we are located in the City of Brampton. We have many years of Canadian and European experience meeting and exceeding the electrical contracting needs of many satisfied customers in the Greater Toronto Area. In all the years of serving our customers, we have discovered that delivering quality work requires good client relations and personal excellence as well as a close and accountable relationship with all of our employees. To meet the needs of the new generation customers whose lives are managed on their iPhone, iPad or Android devices and controlled via the home network, we are providing them with full home automation, lighting control and design. Light control = comfort, ambiance, convenience, versatility, control, beauty + energy savings. "If we can control the lights, why NOT control the Sun? - How about controlling your shades via the home network? Nisko Electric Inc. has been recognized by Lutron as a Preferred Systems Provider for Radio RA2 and Shading Solution to supply customers with clear, convenient and pleasant design while providing safe and reliable installations. We are a proud member of the Electrical Safety Authority‚Äôs (ESA) Authorized Contractor Program (ACP). The Authorized Contractor Program was developed by ESA to identify those Contractors who consistently perform Ontario Electrical Safety Code compliant work at a level that reinforces public electrical safety. . The Authorized Contractor Program boasts that only the best Electrical Contractors are current members - only those Electrical Contractors who do consistent, code-compliant work, are allowed on and are permitted to remain on, the Program.. 

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